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Pleased to be a part of 'Fe/Male' exhibition and delighted to receive an award of High Commendation!

Fe/Male is an exhibition that explores the boundaries of gender in contemporary art. The exhibition aims to stimulate the mind and the senses to provide a provoking and compelling take on the theme of gender and sexuality, as well as playing with the politics and pleasures of visual culture.

The exhibition proposes to equalise the imbalance associated with gender from art history; where women would be subjected to the male gaze and where men would not be seen as objects of sexual desire. Situating itself within a post-modern framework, the exhibition presents an alternative reading where gender clich├ęs are merged and blurred and gender becomes something that is not so easily defined as Male or Female but something that is more fluid and non-binary.

Providing a vast array of alluring and immersive art forms, Fe/Male is an exhibition that reflects the cultural shifts between all genders and the affinity all sexes share, whilst providing a provocative commentary on the issues regarding gender roles in modern society; including stereotypes, politics and perversion.

Fe/Male: An Exhibition Exploring Gender
Preview night: Thursday 1 February from 6pm
Exhibition runs: 2 February - 10 March 2018
Open Tues - Fri 11am - 6pm, & Sat 12 - 4pm

For further details, please visit AIR Gallery

Image: Cos Ahmet, 'Feeding From The Root II', collage of found and appropriated imagery.