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Keats House Museum, London
Artist Residency 2012

In 2012 I received the London Metropolitan Archive (LMA) Bursary to fulfill an artist residency post at Keats House Museum, in Hampstead London.

This residency coincided with the Keats Festival and celebrated the recent purchase of Keats last love letter to Fanny Brawne. I was set to create my interpretation of the letter and the affection between Keats and Fanny, researching into both their lives by way of the artifacts and the LMA archives of letters, objects and the House's history.

My residency, although short, resulted in a number of works, mainly in the form of makeshift letter drawings and other observations and illustrations. The residency ended with workshops on making letters, and an inclusion in the Keats Anthology of 2013 that documented Keats Festival and Poet in Residence, John Hegley.

Image credit: Untitled (Adoration), detail 2012. © Cos Ahmet
Collage based on photographs of Fanny Brawne, taken from the Keats Collection, London Metropolitan Archive