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MM1 Project: Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction
Curated by Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi
Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel |

The exhibition "Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction." is the second and last part of the artistic experimental art project MM1 (Mutatis Mutandis) that started a year ago. The project functions as an artistic lab, which takes place on a virtual media platform, and tries to explore the boundaries of the artworks as well as the possible collaborations between Israeli and British artists participating in this project.

In the current exhibition, much like the first held at Arbeit Gallery in London, England, the discussion is about the possibility of artistic dialogue and negotiation between the pairs of artists. To what extent is it challenging for artists to reach a joint processing of the artworks until their installation in the exhibition space? Beyond the visual outcome of the artworks, the exhibition proposes to analyse the existing tension between the emotional aspects the artworks raise and their visual-tactical outcome.

A process of combined creation, executed through virtual communication, exhibits different types of dialogue between the pairs, each showing a different perspective; Abraham Kritzman and Cos Ahmet created a joint working space and became one creative entity; Orly Dvir and Daniel Bourke encountered communication difficulties, power struggles and antagonism, and did not progress to a combined thought and process. Their joint creation stayed on the virtual level in the form of a shared blog. Barak Brinker was left to work alone after artist Leonie Lachlan decided to leave the project. His works at Arbeit Gallery, reflected the void left by Lachlan. All of the these collaborations, separately and together, constitute different types of experimental artistic partnerships, and a different perspective of the creative "self" versus "us" as individuals or one composed creative entity.

Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction. does not attempt to prove collective or artistic axioms; however it's sustaining one last final phase in the artistic discussion that grew with time over the past year. Are the artworks displayed making a new phase in their physical existence? Or will they just bring to mind a statement about the artist’s creative "self" or the combined creating process? Here, we are expecting to see surprising outcomes that might not be considered as the ending points of the project.

The progress of the project was documented on an online virtual studio, where all the artists and curators communicated and exchanged dialogue, imagery, experiments in the run up to the exhibitions in London & Tel Aviv. A link to my participation with my art partner Abraham Kritzman and our exchange can be found on our virtual studio here